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Dealing with the banks or loan lenders can be a difficult and sometimes stressful process! Often our clients have special circumstances which, to one lender may not deem appealing but to another would be perfectly acceptable! This is where having a broker doing the “ground work” for you can save you plenty of time and money. We remove the confusion of finding a suitable lender with the right package and rate and deal with them direct ourselves on your behalf. We have access to over 30 lenders and hundreds of loan options, this means we take the reins to finding the right lender for YOU!


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First Home Owners Benefits

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) scheme was introduced on 1 July 2000 to offset the effect of the GST on home ownership. It is a national scheme funded by the states and territories and administered under their own legislation.

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Residential Loan

Commercial Loan

iNMY Finance is essentially a conduit between you and the lender. Our first job is to assess your financial affairs, put together a picture of your credit-worthiness, and help you determine what type of home loan will be right for you.

We should then offer you a variety of home loan options from the panel of home loan lenders we act for. We generally offer lending products from a number of different financial institutions.

We have access to numerous products something that suits your needs and we can spend the time with you to understand what your goals are, to explain the options, and to help you with the paperwork. We can potentially provide you with a very useful service

The method that banks use to assess commercial property loans is extremely complicated as each application and security property is unique. Working out which lender is right for you isn’t easy because no bank is going to tell you that they aren’t the market leader in a particular area.

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